We Must Study to Show Ourselves Approved

We Must Study to Show Ourselves Approved
Joel Schneider (left) from Kansas City…

Like the seventy disciples returning from being sent out by Jesus to engage in spiritual warfare, we are rejoicing after the completion of this summer’s first War College here at Ben Israel.

About forty attendees ─ from Kansas City, the nearby Native American community, nearby communities and other locales ─ labored in the Word and shared rich fellowship and important insights during the first of three “colleges” held July 25-27.

We Must Study to Show Ourselves Approved
Being Berean…

The second gathering on Labor Day weekend (August 29-September 1) originally included an expanded holiday agenda, while probing the vitally important topic of Basics of Spiritual Warfare, searching the Scriptures in a diligent group study.

One of the most striking conclusions, some agreed, was the crippling absence of a basic understanding of the New Testament terms used in the 10 instances pertaining to Principalities, Powers, Thrones, Dominions, rulers, angels, demons, etc.

“We MUST study to show ourselves approved on these subjects which was the mainstay of spiritual battle for believers in the first eleven centuries of the church’s history!” was one of many exhortations considered ─ and debated.

Many of the participants in the first college said they welcomed discussions and exchanges on such topics as:

  • The Enemy’s Devices.
  • Who and What Makes a Good Soldier for Jesus Christ?
  • The Enemy’s Personal Strategies Against Believers.
  • Encountering Opposition.
  • The Need for More Understanding About Principalities & Powers?