Knowing God as He is…

This has been a challenging month for so many on multiple levels. Drastic changes. Unprecedented changes. Doubt. Fear. Loneliness. Depression. Anxiety…all things that are prevalent in a society and culture that is without hope in our Father. But we have something we can offer. We have hope. We have faith. We have His life in […]

Book Translations, DVDs, and VHS Tapes

We’re publishing this article in hopes of recovering some old content that has been lost. Prior to the distribution of DVDs on the website, the video recordings were distributed via VHS tapes. After the fire there was an unprecedented amount of damage and the ministry had to recover everything from copies that individuals had previously […]

Christmas 2019

It’s Christmas Day night…the gifts have been opened, the celebrations around tables have been had, the wishes for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year have been said. And now, the night will soon be silent…just like it was at His birth. A silent night. A holy night. A night that changed your life and mine. […]

Thanksgiving 2019

Dear Family and Friends, Soon it will be that time of year where those you love will gather from far and near to celebrate and be thankful for all that He has blessed you with, encouraged you with, brought you through and is even teaching you. I have attached a photo that is both beautiful […]