Art Katz MP3 Disk 1




Messages K-000 to K-053. 53 Messages.

K-000 What a Jew does with Jesus

Art’s dramatic testimony from an intellectually sophisticated atheist to a believer in Jesus. A 1970′s message and probably his best testimony speaking (Some background “popping” noise in the first 25 minutes – not too detracting).

K-001 Be Ye Perfect

Art defines being “perfect” before God as the willingness to refrain ourselves from our own humanly-contrived and well-intentioned doing in order to wait on that which can only come down from above. A 1970′s message.

K-002 New Pattern for Living

Speaking from Israel’s crossing of the Jordan River, Art maintains that there is a “Jordan” to be crossed before God’s people can lay claim to being His people – without which Jericho cannot be “taken”. Previously titled: Future Trends for the Body of Christ. A 1970’s message.

K-003 The Cost of Discipleship

A radically searching commentary on Acts 16 in which Art speaks on the Spirit-led life from episodes in the life of Paul the Apostle. A 1970’s message.

K-004 Caesar and Christ: A Study of Two Deaths

An evangelistic message that heightens an appreciation for the atonement of Christ in the shedding of His blood. A 1970’s message.

K-005 Confrontation with the Living God

Though confident in their own opinions, many enjoy calling themselves truth-seekers, but a confrontation with the Living God sharply reveals the deep insincerity of the human heart. A 1970′s message.

K-006 Reconciling the Body of Christ

This is an early expression of an enduring theme, pointing towards true communion, true anointing and true breaking as the path toward true reconciliation. A 1970′s message.

K-007 The ‘End-Time’ Man of God

As with Elijah, we can expect that God will thrust His servants into a world that is plunging deeper into tragedy, suffering, and crisis. A 1970’s message.

K-008 Intimate Union

A probing study of the mystery of marriage, the Body of Christ and our relationship with God Himself. A 1970′s message.

K-009 But He Refused

A glimpse of the workings of God in the life of Joseph. Message ends abruptly (only first side recorded). A 1970’s message.

K-010 The Anatomy of Adultery

Art maintains that the evil of adultery pertains as much to adulterers as it does to adulteration: the admixture or watering down of things that are holy. We are not just corrupted but become corruptors. A 1970′s message.

K-011 The Fire of God’s Judgment

A powerful cry of God to sound the trumpet call of repentance in the light of His soon coming judgment with a fire that cannot be quenched. A 1970’s message (some “clicking” background noise in first half of message).

K-012 To Whom is the Arm of the Lord Revealed?

Art maintains there are only two basic heart dispositions in the world. One is repulsed by Jesus, reluctant to give submission to anyone. The other longs for the salvation of God, and it is to this latter that the Lord reveals Himself. A sober address appropriate to all earnest inquirers after God. A 1970′s message.

K-013 The Holy Ark of God

The Shekinah ’74 message given in New York City. Art shows that the Ark of God has to do with the glory of God in the mystery of God. To the Ark is ascribed all the prerogatives and power of God, and therefore the final destination of the Ark is the destiny of God’s people as well. A 1974 message.

K-014 Christ in the Jewish Passover

A rich study and explanation of the traditional Jewish Passover revealing Christ hidden in the many practices known to Orthodox Jews throughout the ages.

K-015 Jerusalem Conference Address

A word on the ministry of Elijah which must precede the return of the Lord.

K-016 The Two Judaisms

Answers questions about the validity of Judaism as a paradigm of all religion.

K-017 Daughters of Sarah

Art probes the heart of the meaning of the word woman and her special calling in God in an age of feminine assertiveness.

K-018 The Spirit of the Lord (1 of 2)

K-018 The Spirit of the Lord (2 of 2)

The centrality of the Holy Spirit in the end-time ministries of God.

K-019 The Shaping of Godly Character

The ultimate purposes of God with man.

K-020 The Inadequacy of Ethics

The failure of principles and rules

K-021 Paul: The New Covenant Man

A model of the end-time believer, complete in God, prepared for any contingency.

K-022 Ministry in Truth

A word to encourage true, priestly ministry.

K-023 The Mystery of the German and the Jew

The history and destiny of these two great nations are forever interwoven together. (See also K-036 & K-136).

K-024 The Reality of the Christmas Story

The manger needs to be rescued from department store windows and returned to its rightful place as the picture of a humble and receptive heart.

K-025 The Spirit of Truth I

Every believer is called to far more than correct doctrine. Inspired and adapted into the book of the same title.

K-026 I Love the Lord…but…

A challenging, confronting message for those whose hearts are becoming slack.

K-027 The Fear of Man

Fearing men more than God is a plague affecting God’s people. A marvelously freeing word for those who are bound.

K-028 True Ministry

A profound corrective for shallow ministerial ambitions.

K-029 Resurrection

Lazarus’ resurrection is the topic of this life-giving word providing an alternative to impetuous shortcuts that refuse to wait.

K-031 God Crucified

The Cross stabbingly set forth before men as the pivot of all reality.

K-032 Bridal Love

Restoring “Thou shalt love” to its rightful place as the great and all-encompassing commandment.

K-033 Extravagant Love

A message revealing the extravagance, the absoluteness and the utterness of divine love.

K-034 The Whitewashed Wall

A warning against the use of untempered mortar in walls that will fall except we ruthlessly proceed from the phraseological to the real in our actual experience.

K-035 Priests Unto Him

Able to radically distinguish between the holy and the profane, it is the priest whose ministry can call down the fire of heaven and restore God’s glory to His Church.

K-036 The Holocaust and Christian Conscience

This message relates the Holocaust to the historical rejection of God. A vital and challenging message for the Jewish people as well as the Church.

K-037 He that Comes in the Name of the Lord

A profound statement of the true humility that God’s people are called to as illustrated in our Lord’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

K-038 The Potter

This message portrays with inescapable clarity that process by which alone God can form the clay of our humanity into true royalty.

K-040 To God be Glory in the Church

If God’s people will not be radically sacred, the world will be radically profane.

K-041 Man’s Petty Kingdoms vs. God’s Kingdom

A powerful and pointed challenge to a movement at a crossroads of choice.

K-042 True Manhood

From Joshua 5­ on what it means to live free from the stereotypes of the world in an age of identity crisis.

K-044 Conversion of Paul

This message presents the conversion of as the pattern for any true union with God.

K-045 Streams of Life

From Ezekiel 47 Only in the center of the river of life, where the depth precludes standing on one’s own feet and the current is stronger than our will, is the water pure and undefiled.

K-046 True Fellowship

A foundational message on the genius of the Church as Church.

K-048 One Thing You Lack

Based on Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler, Art focuses in on that one thing that prevents true devotion to God – even when we think we have given our all!

K-049 Weakness

A look at Christian life from the perspective of our necessary weakness and inability.

K-051 Anatomy of a Shout

Where are the walls that presently stand in your life that have not yet come down before God?

K-053 Come up and Be There!

A look at a crucial but chronically overlooked aspect of Moses’ time on the mount alone with God.