“We need a whole qualitative elevation of our faith, and a jealousy to not speak anything other than the word that is given by God.”

Art Katz: Apostolic Foundations

“I think we, every one of us, ought to be humiliated or humbled every time we pick up the book of Acts and read the glory that attended the life of that first church.”

Art Katz: And They Crucified Him

“If eternity is only a category and not a passionate conviction, then we have no message for the world.”

Art Katz: Apostolic Foundations

“The Church is the pillar of truth, not a piece of flim-flam that reflects
the low standard of the world, only employing another vocabulary. Where is your jealousy?”

Art Katz: A Critique of the Prophetic Movement

“Prayer and worship are not luxuries, but spiritual weapons.”

Art Katz: An Apostolic Manifesto

“The Church needs to be a demonstration, the thing in itself, an expression already of the Kingdom come.”

Art Katz: Apostolic Foundations

The ultimate test of whether we are indeed the people of God is our ability not only to love the unlovely, but to love our enemies.

Art Katz: Apostolic Foundations

When you can praise God in the midst of adversity and suffering, you have the most powerful release from the powers of darkness.

Art Katz: Apostolic Foundations