Occupy Til I Come

Art Katz first arrived in Europe—Catania in Sicily—as a self-described tall, cocky, seventeen-year-old merchant seaman in 1946. The shock of surveying the ashes and wreckage from World War II drove him back to Brooklyn where, a few years later, he was drafted into the Army and returned to Germany as part of the American army’s […]

My Present Journey

I began this present journey in 2005 and in a state of lethargy and disillusionment with “church” as I was encountering it. I had been involved with the ministry of Art Katz and his view of today’s “Christianity”. I was a part of the attempt at community life in 1975, known first as “Dominion (Farms)”, […]

When Kings Go Forth to Battle

“In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books…” (Daniel 9.2) So, there was a “time” when rulers in Palestine found optimum advantage to carry on warfare with enemy nations. Supposedly, these most opportune times occurred in the spring or fall seasons when men, horses and equipment did not suffer in blazing […]