Holocaust Remembrance Day

In honor of HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY: The inmates had not understood what was happening during the first 30 minutes or so after we took over Dachau. Now they were beginning to realize that we were the good guys and that they have been liberated. Some of them began yelling and shouting. The cheers of the few soon grew to become a deafening roar throughout the camp. “These are the ones we save,“ I thought as chills ran through my body. They were crowding together, reaching through the fences, laughing, crying, singing, holding their arms high in the air, and embracing each other while looking at us in disbelief, almost unable to grasp that their day of liberation – their exodus – was at hand. Just then, as if on some celestial clue, the sun broke through the clouds, sending shafts of light and color over the entire camp. Darkness of been defeated by light. And the prisoners, squinting into that brilliance, reached out to us and wept tears of joy. Their agony was over. But for us, the liberators, our journey into the deepest part of hell was just beginning. ~ Excerpt from “Where the Birds Never Sing”

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Credit to www.TogetherForIsrael.org, founded by Scott Volk.