Art Katz MP3 Disk 3




Messages K-120 to K-172. 52 Messages.

K-120 Mark of a True Prophet

If the church is not a prophetic church, it is not the church at all.

K-121 Jeremiah, The Persecuted Prophet

Art examines the root of the offense that evoked persecution against Jeremiah, because we can likely expect it again as the church of the Last Days.

K-122 Prophetic Reality versus Fantasy

Art shows that the false prophets were themselves deceived about their knowledge of God. Then, as now, nothing has changed.

K-123 and K-124 Jeremiah – Prophet of the Last Days

A challenging mandate, especially for black believers of the Last Days.

K-125 The Prophetic Word

With the general debasing of language and the preached word in particular, Art examines the meaning of the preached word as an ‘event’ that actually effects something in the purposes of God.

K-126 The Origin of True Preaching

How do we know whether the preached word has its origin in God? A brief commentary from Jeremiah 23 reveals where in fact this word must come from.

K-127 and K-128 The Theocratic Kingdom

With all the emphasis on ‘revival’ presently occurring, Art examines what true revival should lead to, namely, a mode of apostolic understanding that identifies with and embraces the imminent coming Kingdom.

K-129 and K-130 The Knowledge of God

The true knowledge of God is everything, and God is known primarily in His covenant relationship to Israel and His acts toward her.

K-131 The Mystery of Israel

(A 1999 convocation tape)

Art probes the perplexity of the mystery of Israel given in Romans 11 and Psalm 102.

K-132 Israel – God’s Prodigal Son

The events surrounding God’s final dealing with Israel have a remarkable correlation with Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son.

K-133 The Compassion of God

The issue of mercy, not as an exertion of the moment, but what we are through and through is the thing that God is after in the Church.

K-134 Gleanings from Ps. 37 (1 of 2)

K-135 Gleanings from Ps. 37 (2 of 2)

A commentary on this psalm that strikes deeply at a perception of reality unique to God.

K-136 True Repentance

A classic message spoken in Nuremburg, Germany on the heels of attending a conference held in Berlin that had as its theme, “Prayer for Israel.”

K-137 Interview – The Holocaust and the Jew

A key tape to pass on to unbelieving Jews and anyone involved in Jewish evangelism.

K-138 What is a ‘good work?’

The end-time work that glorifies God is that which issues out of the rest of God.

K-139 End-Time Overview

An excellent one-message overview that touches many of the great themes of the faith and that culminates in the Lord’s return and establishment of His Kingdom through a restored Israel.

K-140 The Real or the Plastic?

Devastated by what took place while visiting a ‘Jesus Rally,’ Art opens up and lays bare the issue of authentic repentance.

K-141 The Remnant People of God

In the final analysis, God is mainly interested in a remnant people who stand for the whole, both for the predominantly Gentile church and Israel.

K-142 Beyond Messianic Judaism

Spoken at a Messianic congregation, Art presents a view of the faith that eclipses what is labeled “Messianic,” namely, an apostolic faith.

K-143 Commanded of God

A message on Ezekiel 37, but with a different emphasis than tape # K-092.

K-144 A Magna Carta of Apostolic Faith

A seldom heard perspective on the rightful place of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the context and atmosphere in which they are given.

K-145 Eternal Rule and Rewards

A review of faith in the context of the things that are eternal and that have to do with the little-known subject of rewards and ruling and reigning in the Kingdom.

K-146 Holiness or “Blessing”

A cautionary word for the Church regarding its fascination with the present “revival” phenomena.

K-147 Isaiah 53

Though clearly Messianic in its prophetic significance, the context of this passage reveals yet another valid interpretation, namely, the nation Israel in a future fulfillment as the “suffering, servant nation.”

K-148 The Significance of Israel’s Restoration

An insight into God’s strategy with regards to His final and soon-coming dealing with Israel before He judges the nations. Devastates the whole false “rapture” theory.

K-149 Isaiah 35

A close and careful examination of Israel’s deliverance and salvation in the mystery of God at the end of this age.

K-150 God is Other!

Examines mankind’s failure to recognize in the crucifixion of God the very demonstration of His essential character, namely, His humility. A must for those who might be contemplating ministry.

K-151 The God who Devastates

If Divine reality is to come into the church in its present unreal condition, then we need to expect devastations in our midst of the deepest and challenging kind. The text is from the suffering of Job.

K-152 The Radical Controversy

The scandal of the gospel is revealed no more abruptly than in our witness to the Jew.

K-153 The Context of the Coming Kingdom

We either have an urgent expectancy of a coming, literal Kingdom on earth or we are in one way or another establishing our own little kingdom.

K-154 This Kind Cometh Not Out…

From Mark chapter 9, an instructive parable of the Last Days. Reveals the critical factor in Israel’s own deliverance.

K-155 Sons and Daughters of God

It is only sons and daughters who are qualified to fulfill the Last Day’s purposes of God. Only they have a single-eyed devotion to the will of the Father.

K-156 And They Crucified Him

In the final analysis, unless we know ‘Christ and Him crucified,’ our knowledge of God will be false. Probably Art’s most powerful speaking on the subject of the Cross.

K-157 Gleanings from Psalm 87

Only a love for the things that God loves will save us from other interests and purposes – even those of a spiritual kind.

K-158 The Law and the Commandments

We have not understood the absoluteness of the moral requirements of God.

K-159 Apostolic Commission

There is a pattern here of true sending and therefore true ministry that we need constantly to be reminded of.

K-160 All that is in the World

Speaking from an episode in the life of Abraham, Art challenges believers to a ruthless separation from a world that is at enmity with God in every point and particular – even in those things that appear outwardly good.

K-161 True and False Prophets (1 of 2)

K-162 True and False Prophets (2 of 2)

Art attempts to define the characteristic differences between the false and the true – especially in the light of the recent ‘popularity’ of this calling.

K-163 The Anatomy of Worship

True sacrifice is only found in a worshipful heart that recognizes and acknowledges God as God, as He essentially is.

K-164 Israel and Water Baptism

The deliverance of Israel in the Last Days waits on a people who have appropriated the Cross in its true meaning – at the waters of Baptism.

K-165 What if….?

Art raises the questions that few are courageous enough to ask, namely, the actual truth of our condition before God.

K-166 Israel, the “Servant – Son”

Israel is called to be like its Messiah and Lord before it – a nation of priests and a light unto the world.

K-167 Israel, the Death of a Nation

Present-day Israel is not scheduled to succeed, but to die. It is not a pleasant scenario, but the end thereof is glory.

K-168 “To the Jew First…”

The church is emaciated and corrupted in exact proportion as it has failed to take to heart God’s foremost mandate for herself, namely, that “the gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe, to the Jew first…”

K-169 Gleanings from Psalm 27

This psalm is an ultimate statement of faith and confidence in God, even and especially in adverse and hopeless circumstances. Touches and identifies the place of true praise.

K-170 “That they may be One…”

When we come to the same quality and character of relationship as is shown forth in the Godhead, then we will have obtained the unity of the Body.

K-171 Sound Doctrine vs “Spiritualizing”

Art challenges the error of a whole movement that had elevated the spiritualization of scripture over and above the apostolic tradition of sound biblical doctrine.

K-172 The Church as a Prophetic Presence

Elijah the prophet typifies and sums up the prophetic call in every generation, and is therefore a picture of the prophetic church in the Last Days.