Beauty From Ashes

We REALLY needed a handicapped house/home to take care of Keith’s grandmother and, we have been provided the most beautiful apartment that we were given the keys to today! It’s absolutely amazing and leaving me in tears. Which happens a lot…several times a day!

Relationships are being restored. Broken hearts are being healed through all this that we have experience personally. The community has gathered around us to take care of us and it’s just been unimaginable to fathom all that has taken place.

Our neighbors and family here on the farm took grandma into their homes and cared for her for the first two days, providing the love and support and attention she needed. She has been traumatized by this and we are seeing effects of this now in some symptoms of significant dementia which we are hoping will clear once we get her settled into a better environment for her.

We could not do this without the army that has been risen up to surround us and care for us!! I tagged some of the people who have been key in all this!

I wish I had the time to sit and acknowledge and thank every single person who is reached out to us with food, gifts, clothing, financial donations, prayers, texts, visits, hugs, shared tears…but it’s just not possible so my hope is that you know how loved and appreciated each of you are!

Tomorrow will be moving day for us. My mind is having a difficult time settling tonight as it’s racing and going through things, just like it’s done every single day since the fire. This is not the first battle we have faced as a family and we will get through this!

This is far from over…BUT out of the ashes, life and beauty will rise!

Isaiah 61…

He will provide for those who grieve
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair