Update on book orders…

Good morning everyone!

Just a few quick updates on book orders.

We have had a back order on three titles. Thankfully, one of the books arrived last night.

If you order a book and it is on back order, you will receive an email from me. We try very hard to keep up with supply and demand, but as we all know, everyone is struggling right now with shortages, including those that provide paper for printing.

Factor in human decision making on WHEN to order, and that creates an issue. Our deepest apologies to those who are waiting.

We want you to receive quality items and are making our best effort at getting books to you.

Also, we had experienced some difficulty with getting books to New Zealand, but found that UPS is able to get our orders in, where USPS has not been able to do so.

Thank your for your orders and your patience during these days.