Art Katz MP3 Disk 5




Messages K-238 to K-296. 58 Messages.

K-238 Preaching – A Sacred Responsibility (1 of 2)

K-239 Preaching – A Sacred Responsibility (2 of 2)

How much is our spoken message the deepest statement of our innermost convictions?

K-240 Peace be unto you!

A message from John 20: 19-31 for a fearful and unbelieving Christianity that does not understand the phenomenon of resurrection.

K-241 The Davidic Character of the Kingdom

Israel is intended for the recovery of all nations in the Divine order of God.

K-242 Paganism – The Cancer of the Church

Paganism is a growing threat in the very Church itself, and if it is not presently with us, we need to watch out for it, or we will find ourselves unwittingly embracing it.

K-243 An Israelite in Whom is No Guile

Examining the incident of Jesus’ meeting with Nathaniel, Art describes the character required for fitting us to see “angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”

K-244 The Invisible Cloud of Witnesses

Whether we are aware of it or not, do we see ourselves as one with, and connected to, the saints of bygone years – through our Head who is also theirs?

K-245 Love Expressed

An insight into the nature of God’s love as was expressed by Jesus toward the rich young ruler in Mark 10. Calculated to shatter our inadequate categories.

K-246 God’s Pattern of Restoration

From Psalm 126, Art gives a pattern of restoration both for Israel and for the Church, in the timing of God, both in suddenness and unexpectedness.

K-247 Sowing and Reaping

An indictment against the showy brashness that so characterizes ministry from the pulpit.

K-248 Attaining to Sonship

Though God has many children, He has few “sons” in the Hebraic understanding of that word. And He waits for a certain consecration for that crisis “crossing over” before He can say over us, “This day, I have begotten thee.”

K-249 What is Apostolic?

Another superb expression of a limitless theme in which Art seeks to identify some of the key aspects of this most holy word.

K-250 What is Prophetic? (1 of 2)

K-251 What is Prophetic? (2 of 2)

A freshly inspired message of the genius of this calling from episodes in the life of Moses. Highly recommended in its clarity and anointing.

K-252 The Rich Young Ruler and the Blind Beggar

Art examines the contrast of these two individuals in their ability to recognize Jesus. The blind see and the rich go empty away. Art brings the significance of this episode into an endtimes scenario. Definitely an all-time epochal message.

K-253 Latent Anti-Semitism (1 of 2)

K-254 Latent Anti-Semitism (2 of 2)

Art is persuaded that there is a latent anti-Semitism in all Gentiles, even believers, even though we may not be conscious of it.

K-255 A Bride Adorned for the Bridegroom

Being the Bride of Christ has everything to do with one’s identification with the One who is “acquainted with sorrows,” and it is through being joined with Him in the fellowship of His sufferings that we are fitted for our bridal role.

K-256 From Water to Wine (1 of 2)

K-257 From Water to Wine (2 of 2)

Art probes the enigma of the addition of water that was able to transform the whole substance for the ultimate glory of God.

K-258 The Tent of Shem

God has appointed a tent as being symbolic of the ultimate union He calls us to. It is only our own unbelief and prejudice that resists and does not ‘bow’ to this glorious condition of relationship.

K-259 God of the Nations (1 of 2)

K-260 God of the Nations (2 of 2)

Art gives an overview of God’s purpose for the nations, the centrality of Israel as God’s provision for the nations, and a Church that can rule and reign with Christ from the heavenlies.

K-261 Amos 9

Art ponders the predicament of what it takes to bring man, whether it be a nation or an individual, to the end of himself in all of his humanistic tendencies.

K-262 Going Up To Zion

An examination of the Hebraic distinctive of the faith of Israel, lost to Jews presently, but soon to be restored at the end of the age that they may bless all the nations.

K-263 Beyond Categories

How far will we allow God draw us out into a place where the ultimate revelation of Himself and His truth is? If we cling to our “biblical correctness,” and the security of it, we will always fall short of that place of glory. A 2002 message.

K-264 The Place of Seeing

There is a place that God invites us to come, the holiest place of all, where God is, and it is out of that place that true, priestly service is made. A 2002 message.

K-265 A River of Life

Art insists that the waters of life flowing from the Throne are available here and now for those who are yielded to that Throne and to that Lordship. A 2002 message.

K-266 The Cana Miracle

An instructive insight of Jesus’ first miracle, a foreshadowing and type of a final wedding at the end of the age.

K-267 Israel in the Prophets

Another probing examination from the O.T. Prophets on the subject of Israel’s destiny. Includes an insightful interpretation of Isaiah 52 and 53. A 2000′s message.

K-268 The Gentile and the Jew

We don’t know as we ought the depth of antagonism that exists between Gentile and Jew. Art seeks to show what God’s final and enduring pattern for these two entities is. A 2000′s message.

K-269 True Followers of Christ

From the episode of the rich young ruler and Bartimeous, Art examines the elements that compose true discipleship, as shown in the response of these two men to Jesus. A 2000′s message.

K-270 The Fullness of the Gentiles

Much that is lacking in the Church can be attributed to the failure to understand or apprehend the mystery of Israel. A 2000′s message.

K-271 Out of Zion

Art explores the meaning of Zion, this mystery word, out of which Israel’s salvation shall come. A 2000′s message.

K-272 Worship unto Him

A cautionary key word to the contemporary Christian church on its use of instrumentation, amplifiers, and techniques to effect an atmosphere that is assumed to be the Presence of God. A 2000′s message.

K-273 God Enthroned

The enthronement of God in all we do is at the heart of the faith. A 2000′s message.

K-274 Honor Your Father (1 of 2)

K-275 Honor Your Father (2 of 2)

An episode, affecting all subsequent generations, in the life of Noah and his three sons that exemplifies the principle of blessing or curse in the honoring of one’s father. A 2003 message.

K-276 Costly Submission

How we relate to any form of authority is the greatest opportunity to demonstrate the grace and knowledge of God, and is the very sanctifying provision of God itself. A 2003 message.

K-277 The Sheep vs. the Goats

How we relate in covering the shameful, especially the despised Jew in the Last Days, is the principal separating determination of the Lord when He comes as Judge. A 2003 message.

K-278 The Church and the Synagogue (1 of 4)

K-279 The Church and the Synagogue (2 of 4)

K-280 The Church and the Synagogue (3 of 4)

K-281 The Church and the Synagogue (4 of 4)

A thought-provoking examination of Paul’s exhortation to Gentile believers in Rome with regard to their relationship to the Synagogue. A 2003 message.

K-282 The Mystery of the Gentile Church

Another expression of this profound mystery. A 2000′s message.

K-283 The Church Eternal

The Church is not a new phenomenon, but a continuation of what was given from the beginning in its full Hebraic content. A 1990′s message.

K-284 The Anatomy of Cross Evasion

A call for a return to the Cross, the most epochal event in the whole of history, and indeed, the heart of the faith itself. A 1996 message.

K-285 The Eternal Now

If the present ‘now’ is not rightly esteemed and we defer to some later time, we will suffer proportionate unreality. An early 2000′s message

K-286 The Rejection of God

The very heart of sin is the rejection of God and the glory of God, especially in the form that God chose to reveal Himself in the advent, crucifixion and death of His Son. An early 2000′s message.

K-287 Gleanings from Psalm 24

A description of those who truly seek the Lord for His sake. A challenge to the casual, self-satisfied Christian. A 2005 message.

K-288 The Life and the Law

Art explores the basis for our relationship with God: regulations and requiring laws, or, in the light God’s mercy, to prove what the perfect, acceptable will of God is in any given moment. A 2005 message.

K-289 The Plight of the Jew

In the light of growing anti-Semitism, Art sounds an alert to the Church to make her aware of the gravity of what is taking place presently in the world toward the Jew. A 2004 message.

K-290 An Instruction in Discernment

A statement on the natural self that, in the last analysis, will be found to militate against God and His way. A 2004 message.

K-291 Rom. 9 – 11: The Mystery of Israel

A theme central to all Paul’s apostolic teaching especially insofar as it pertains to the issue of the glory of God forever. A 2004 speaking.

K-292 The Sense of God

Does our speaking and preaching convey the majesty, sense and awe of God? A call to something more than “correctness” in our Christian faith. A 2004 message.

K-293 The Church and the Jew

A message spoken in Bad Nauheim, Germany (with translation) at a strategic conference on Jewish Evangelism.

K-294 The Mercy of God in Repentance

Art maintains that the overwhelming number of believers have a much more phraseological Christianity than they know, rather than an experiential union with God. A foundational word on true repentance given in 2004.

K-295 The Core of Prophetic and Apostolic Reality

Another expression of this theme that tries to capture the heart and meaning of those two great biblical words and their corresponding reality. A 2005 message.

K-296 The Schiavo Case – A Conflict of Life

A resurrection message in which Art sets forth the unique difference between the resurrection life of God in comparison with the human, natural, and religious (and lesser) equivalent. A 2005 message.