Fall 2019 Update

Welcome to our new website! This has been an incredibly amazing journey in the past weeks to accomplish this goal. What a blessing this has been and we pray, will be for you! Our site was in much need of an update and revision. With hearts of deep thankfulness and gratitude to Dustin Samko, we […]

Fall 2017 Update

A blessed morning to all! As I look out over the deck of what used to be my beloved father’s office, I am looking out as the early morning fog rolls in and it almost blocks my view of the former garden. It moves with a delicate ease in to the family cemetery, the place […]

January 2017 Update

Happy New Year everyone from the white and snow covered land of Northern Minnesota!! Dad called the folks who lived on the farm the “frozen chosen” and this time of year, it really fits! It’s hard to believe that Summer and Fall went so quickly, and before we knew it, Thanksgiving and Christmas were here, […]

August 2016 Update

Dear Friends of Ben Israel, As some of you may know, we moved to the Ben Israel property last summer. The two remaining families that had been on the property left to be closer to family and for healthcare reasons. Since the homecoming of Art (Sissle‚Äôs father) in 2007, those who have been here have […]