Art Katz MP3 Disk 4




Messages K-173 to K-236. 63 Messages.

K-173 Love your Enemies

To have enemies goes without saying, but our relationship to our enemies is probably going to be the most formidable aspect of the Last Days’ reality of believers.

K-174 “In the Beginning God created…”

Beginnings are always significant in the economy of God and no more so than in His creative acts.

K-175 There were Two Trees in the Garden (1 of 2)

K-176 There were Two Trees in the Garden (2 of 2)

If the Tree of Life was as equally accessible to Adam and Eve, why did they scorn and reject that tree, and prefer instead to eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

K-177 Gleanings from the Garden (1 of 2)

K-178 Gleanings from the Garden (2 of 2)

What we celebrate as being good may well be our greatest snare. We have got to have an unswerving devotion to the Tree of Life and abstain at all costs to draw from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

K-179 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (1 of 3)

K-180 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (2 of 3)

K-181 Cain and Abel – The First Murder (3 of 3)

The righteous are those who have chosen to make themselves defenseless and weak, and choose rather to cast themselves on God.

K-182 Revelation 21: “The City of God”

The union of heaven and earth creating one new entity of an enduring kind.

K-183 Grace and the Election of Israel (1 of 3)

K-184 Grace and the Election of Israel (2 of 3)

K-185 Grace and the Election of Israel (3 of 3)

A probing study of the Mystery of Israel.

K-186 “Timeless Interview”

Something of the sense of God as God is conveyed – not what we may have thought Him to be.

K-187 The Mysteries of the Faith

A brief examination of some of the mysteries of the faith from the book of Ephesians.

K-188 The Scandal of Specificity

A God who chooses is central to an understanding of the faith. Another incisive expression of God’s choice of Israel with an excellent ‘questions and answers’ session at the end.

K-189 Phinehas – Priest of Obedience

The decline of obedience to the moral laws of God in society and in the church will ultimately bring upon themselves the redemptive judgments of God.

K-190 Widows and Slaves indeed!

Art addresses the little understood subject of what constitutes a true widow and the place of slavery in Paul’s time, as applicable now as it was then.

K-191 Human, all too Human!

Are we giving evidence of a transcendent life to all who observe us? Gleanings from Psalm 14.

K-192 Grafted into Israel’s Root

Art exhorts us to a fuller and truer appreciation of what will be required of the church in the days to come.

K-193 The Eternal Gospel

Art examines the framework and original intention of the gospel, much of which has been lost, and needs therefore to be restored.

K-194 The Making of an Apostle

An insight into the apostle Paul’s life as is recorded in the first chapter of Galatians.

K-195 The Formation of an Apostle

An episode out of the life of Moses that would give him the ability to lead Israel through the wilderness, namely, the ability to communicate God as God.

K-196 Rome or Zion?

A message spoken at a predominantly Catholic charismatic conference, and was a call to a reality beyond the Church’s own self-absorption and into the purpose and context of God in the Last Days.

K-197 The Anatomy of Sin (1 of 2)

K-198 The Anatomy of Sin (2 of 2)

It is pointless to talk about the Last Days, prophecy, Israel, etc unless we have made peace in our hearts with the issues of sin and judgment.

K-199 The Battle for Life (1 of 2)

K-200 The Battle for Life (2 of 2)

The An in-depth understanding of the phenomenon of anointing as the communication and imparting of the life of God.

K-201 Jewish Opposition to the Gospel

Art touches some of the deep-seated reasons for this, and therefore the challenge that is presented before the church.

K-202 The Lord’s Coming in the Clouds

The true seeing of God in His glory, which is the only true way of seeing Him, must always require a coming in the clouds.

K-203 Abrahamic Faith (1 of 2)

K-204 Abrahamic Faith (2 of 2)

An in-depth study from Genesis 15 of Abraham’s faith that had its birthing in a vision.

K-205 An Apostolic Manifesto

A one-message statement on the distinctive aspects of an apostolic church, given at the first, and in process of being restored by God.

K-206 Prudence: the Discipline of Godly Speech

We will know when we are speaking prudently when peace is its fruit.

K-207 From Self to Spirit

The human condition is intrinsically rooted in egocentric living.

K-208 “I would not have you ignorant…”

God has an antidote that will save the church from its ambitions, designs and programs. Another unique and powerful expression of the mystery of Israel, central to Paul’s faith, but absent from ours.

K-209 Christus Victor!

Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil, and it was what was demonstrated at the Cross that is His triumph over the whole demonic realm.

K-210 The Origin of the Nations (2001 school)

The nations are not a geographical accident, but distinctively given in the creative work of God.

K-211 The Tower of Babel

The building of the Tower of Babel is man coming together to exalt themselves over God and establishing their own identity independent of Him.

K-212 God’s Redemption of the Nations

Art gives us a framework of understanding for God’s final intention for the nations in the purposes of God.

K-213 The Church, Israel and the Powers

A statement that unmasks the enmity of the world against God, but it is disguised so well that even the church is dulled to the depths of this hatred.

K-214 The Conflict of Two Wisdoms (1 of 2)

K-215 The Conflict of Two Wisdoms (2 of 2)

There are only two essential mind-sets or value systems in the world – God’s and that displayed by the powers of the air.

K-216 Jewish vs. Hebraic

There is a vast difference between being Jewish and being Hebraic, nor do we necessarily have to be Jewish to be Hebraic.

K-217 On Reading the Scriptures

God has put before us the supreme privilege of a vicarious identification with the subject of the scriptures.

K-218 Has Jesus made you Jewish?

If we miss the “Jewishness” of Jesus, we miss something crucial in our understanding of God and our testimony to both the Jew and the Gentile.

K-219 The Kingdom vs. Patriotism

The Kingdom of God or the kingdoms of this world – to which does the believer owe his highest allegiance?

K-220 The Apostolic Church

Another concentrated statement that examines the constitutive elements of the church as it was at the first.

K-221 True Foundations

Art defines the essential hallmarks of how to discern the true foundation from the false.

K-222 Birthing the Authentic

The birth of Jesus is the ultimate pattern of the advent of the authentic thing and it behooves us, therefore to understand the phenomenon of birth in all of its organic and painful suffering.

K-223 Making the Part Stand for the Whole

When we regard the church as the thing in itself apart from Israel, that is, by disregarding the centrality of Israel in God’s purposes, we are “making the part stand for the whole.”

K-224 “Come up unto Me and be there!”

The expediency of man vs. the extravagance of God.

K-225 Turning Aside to See

Are we disposed to ask why “the bush is burning yet is not consumed?”

K-226 The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

Drawing on the prophetic scriptures, Art brings to the church a framework of understanding of what it will take for present-day Jacob to become the Israel of God.

K-227 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (1 of 3)

K-228 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (2 of 3)

K-229 Even so, Come Lord Jesus! (3 of 3)

The Lord is contained in the heavens until the restoration of all things spoken of by the prophets. There is a certain ‘set-time’ for which He is waiting, and Art examines what those requirements are.

K-230 The Love of God

A brief study of the love of God as was revealed in the life of Jesus as well as the lives of the apostles – by the same Spirit.

K-231 The Failure of the Church in Japan

A probing insight into idolatry – both in the church and in the world, especially as revealed in Japan’s recent history.

K-232 Daniel: Prophet in Babylon

An insight from an episode in the life of Daniel as a prefiguring of the church’s endtime task as a prophetic presence at the end of this age.

K-233 9-11 Tragedy

Art tries to answer some of the issues and questions raised by the Sept. 11th, 2001 national tragedy.

K-234 The Cosmic Setting

The faith is set in the context of a cosmic perspective, presently so lacking in the understanding of contemporary church life.

K-235 Beyond Culture

A radio interview message, especially directed to Native Americans, in which Art sets forth a reality, call and purpose beyond their own cultural identification.

K-236 The Sorrows of Indulgence

Speaking from Proverbs, Art warns of the dangers of giving ourselves to the things that are seductive, attractive and engaging.